Attention: Homeowners

Starting Your Home Remodeling Project Without This Guide Is A Recipe for Disaster

Explains all the key things you need to know about to be able to choose a great remodeling contractor.

PROBLEM: Unknowingly choosing the wrong general contractor can be the biggest and most expensive mistake a homeowner can ever make!

Yet, it happens every day...

Finally revealed in this must-have guide by remodeling industry veteran Michael Baum (multi-year Angie's List "Super Service Award" general contractor), you'll quickly:

  • Find out what you've got to look for in a general contractor so you can ensure your project will go as smooth as possible
  • Discover what you must look out for so you can avoid mind-numbing frustrations , costly mistakes, and aggravating project delays
  • Learn why using this type of "general contractor" can end up being a really bad choice

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What's Being Said About This Guide...

Michael Baum - General Contractor

I'm confident my book will help you choose a great contractor.

Michael Baum

"Indispensable - I thought I had everything figured out when I started my home renovation project. But, I completely missed getting smart about home improvement contractors themselves. I wish I had this essential guide because it would have saved me from a ton of frustration and expense. Just get it - it's a no-brainer..."

Don Roberts
Home Owner

Listen, quite a few general contractors would prefer that you don't know the valuable advice Michael offers - because you not knowing gives them the advantage over you. This guide levels-the-playing-field for you, and it helps you to avoid common frustrations, expensive mistakes, and project delays.

There are two types of homeowners: Those who've benefitted from this guide...and those who wish they had.

Orders processed safely & securely by Amazon Kindle or CreateSpace (an Amazon company)

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