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Michael Baum - Angie's List "Super Service Award" general contractor with 40 years of experience

Congratulations! You're off to a great start because you decided to make a smart decision in getting my book - Sawdust To Satisfaction.

But, the remodeling process itself can be filled with a lot of unknowns & gotchas along the way for a homeowner.

...The kind of things that can easily leave you with pressing questions, unexpected costs, or even stuck.

But, if you had an experienced home remodeling expert you could ask questions to along the way, you could enjoy a streamlined remodeling project - and possibly save yourself a lot of money & frustration, too.

Imagine being able to take advantage of my 40+ years of general contracting experience - and use me to bounce your questions off of, as well as to get advice at the different stages of your remodeling project.

Here's your opportunity: I've had some coaching clients successfully complete their remodels, so I've got room to take on 3 more clients. But, you need to act fast because the slots will fill up. Here's what you get:

  • Get up to 30-minutes per week of private coaching so that you can get your most pressing questions answered - and know that I'm looking out for your best interest, not your contractor's.
  • Get guidance on the many things you likely don't even know that you should be asking about. The average homeowner completely overlooks these...
  • Have me with you every step of the way - from architect & contractor interviews all the way through to final walk-through. Relax knowing that you have someone in your corner - looking out for you.

Here's How The Coaching Works...

  • You get to talk directly with me.
  • You schedule time to talk with me - for up to 30-minutes each week. Please keep in mind that I run a successful home remodeling business, so you imagine that my schedule is usually pretty full. I'll work with your schedule as best I can - but, you may need to be flexible on your meeting date/time requests.
  • I respect my client's time, and I expect my client's to respect mine as well. Once we have a meeting set, it's set. If you don't show up, on-time for our meeting - or you cancel it - you forfeit the time for that week.​ Frequent rescheduling is not allowed and cannot be accommodated.
  • I provide private coaching to you - and you alone. My service does not include talking with anyone else, including your architect, contractor, sub-contractors, products/materials suppliers, etc. Just you...
  • You have the option to save a lot of money by signing up for the deeply-discounted 6-month plan​ of coaching services. You also get a couple valuable bonuses when you go with the 6-month plan - that you simply miss out on with the monthly plan. Once a payment is made, there are no refunds - except as is stated in my Ironclad Guarantee.
  • This program is for serious homeowners only - please.People who buy things online - then, tend to request a refund right away - should absolutely not buy this offer.

Serious Inquiries Only

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"When I did my first home remodeling project, my contractor had assigned a "project manager" to my project. However, the project manager represented my contractor, not me. So, I ended up being the project manager to represent my family. I had so many questions along the way, but I was never sure if the answers I got along the way were what was best for me - or best for my contractor. Look, there were some frustrating situations that occurred along the way, and a lot of money was on the line for each one of them. If I had had the opportunity to get Michael Baum's feedback and perspective along the way, I'm sure it would have made the whole remodeling process easier, and I likely would have saved a lot of money." ~ Don Roberts (Homeowner - San Jose, CA)

Ready to get started? Verify your information above, and I'll see you on the other side. ~ Michael Baum

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